About Us

         Our mission here at NineArmor is to provide our consumers with the most badass grill cover on the market. With a passion for outdoor cooking and smoking food, we are making grill covers that will endure any harsh outdoor elements. These covers are the best quality, best built and best looking grill covers on the market.

          We have selected several of the highest quality outdoor materials to use for our covers, along with polyester thread that will withstand the harshest outdoor elements. All covers are made from our hand tailored patterns to fit each grill. Each cover has reinforcements where needed and sewn with half french seams for superior strength and appearance.

          In 1913 my Grandfather started his business in the Midwest of America, working on leather upholstered horse buggies. Now in 2021 on the fourth generation of upholstery works, we have over a century of being in business. I currently have over twenty-five years of experience with furniture, automotive and marine upholstery work.

          Our family owned and operated business is and will always be operated here in the United States of America. Each customer will have peace of mind knowing they're grill cover was made by an American.